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Discover the Google My Business in Yorkshire Benefits

Power up your business with a fully optimised Google My Business page and get found online by more local customers 

Why You Need A Google My Business Profile?

If you have a local business that serves a specific geographic area, you could be missing out on potentially the greatest source of business that has ever been, by not having a Google My Business profile!

Google is where your customers go to find what they are looking for. It's where they head to find a local business, see what the business does, find out when they are open, check out their reviews and to see how to get in touch with them.

If your business is not visible on Google, you are missing out!

1 in 3 Google searches are for local businesses like "Plumber in Barnsley", "Pizza in Wakefield", "Nail Bar in Castleford" or "Italian Restaurant near me", "Car Showroom in Huddersfield", "Bars in Sheffield", "Roofer in Leeds", I hope you get the drift.

If a local competitor is higher than you on Google, they literally are taking customers that could be yours.

Did you know that 96% of all searchers will never look past Google's first page.

Power Up Your Google Ranking

 Find More Local Customers

Generate More Business

Google Statistics

If you have a local business that serves a specific geographic area, this is huge! Google is the most visited website with over 62.19 Billion visits (Similarweb2019). Think of all the extra customers you could attract by being found on Google.


% of respondents use Google 3+ times a day or more

(Moz, 2019)


% of all product search begins on Google

(Jumpshot, 2018)


Google % market share of all online and mobile web search (Gs.statcounter, 2019)

Google My Business Highlights

If the sheer volume of people using Google to find companies and products isn’t enough to convince you that you need to use Google My Business, then check out some of the benefits the worlds No.1 Search Engine can bring to your business door.

Your Business Will Be Easier To Find

A Google profile doesn't just tell customers that your business is somewhere nearby. It gives them the exact location along with a map (with directions if they wish) making it much easier for them to find you. In order for a business to make money, customers need to find you first.

Get Better Business Visibility In Google Search

If you’ve searched on Google, you will have seen the three local businesses (and more hidden below these) that appear below the paid adverts and above the organic search results. This is known as the Google 3-Pack and it is the golden location for a business to be featured.

Put All Of Your Information At User's Fingertips

When customers see a business listed within the Google 3-Pack, they’ll see more than just a name. They can see business hours, directions, photos, contact information and reviews making being in the 3-Pack the best place to be.

Get Fresh With Customers

Get an even greater edge by posting offers, promotions, new products, events or facts about your business to customers searching on Google. This is an amazing opportunity to reach your local community in a fresh new way and tell them about your business.

Gain Customer Insights

Learn about your customers through the Insights tab. Here you can check your visibility, engagement and audience and get a breakdown of followers including ages, genders and countries making it easier to review and tweak what actually works for you.

Manage & Develop Reviews

56% of consumers say that they first go to the search engines to check out reviews before making a purchase and 74% of people say that a positive review increases their trust in a local business. Use your Google profile to showcase your reviews.

Track Website Traffic & Audience

The Google analytic tool will give you even more in-depth information and break it down so you can really fine tune your posts and content to the audiences that are following you.

Feature on Page 1 of Google

 Gain Valuable Customer Insights

Save Time & Money on Marketing

Getting To The Top In Google Is Harder Than It Looks

Then again, when is anything that is truly valuable easily achieved!


  • Google has a huge audience  
  • It can help you get to the top of Google page 1
  • Increased opportunity to reach local customers  
  • It provides great insights about customers


  • Constantly changing algorithm  
  • User generated content can be a threat
  • Requires a lot of work to stay on top
  • Open to sabotage from competition

My Recommendation:

In order to rank your business on Google, and aim for one of the coveted top 3 local listings (The Google 3-Pack), you really need the support of a professional, a specialist who has taken the time to learn about Google My Business and one who has invested in software to get the most from the platform. As Google constantly revises the algorithm that decides on the order of results in the search engine and changes the criteria more frequently than a train timetable, you have to view getting to the top of Google as a ongoing process of refinement, rather than a one off shot on goal. 

Your Google profile should always be a work in progress, a continuous cycle of alterations, tweaks and new strategies to counteract the changes that Google makes to the algorithm, and prevent malicious content or user generated changes that can affect your brands reputation and reach.

I can help give your business the boost in needs in order to reach the top and stay there.

Simple Pricing Plans

One size does not fit all businesses, so I make my plans super simple.  Choose a plan that is right for you and let me do the rest. All plans can be mixed and matched to give you just what your business needs.


Our most popular plan



What's included

  • 1:1 consultation
  • pay as you go
  • initial Google audit & reports
  • Google initial competitor analysis
  • Google My Business optimisation
  • unlimited photo uploads
  • 5 keyword targeting
  • 1 Google post per week
  • monthly report
  • Google review  link 
  • clean & boost pack*
  • stage 1 secret ranker (GT)
  • stage 2 secret ranker (iSpy)
  • online marketing tips & tricks
  • photo pack*

If you are looking for a Google My Business set up only service, we do that too and charge a low one-off fee, click to visit our page.

All fee's are payable monthly, 1 month in advance. *Additional costs may be payable for indicated services.

One Call Setup

 One Monthly Cost

Leave the Rest to Us

Smartview Monthly GMB Optimisation Features

Business often ask what they get for their money, the simplest answer would be my time and knowledge. We make no guarantee or warranty as to your ranking in Google by using our services, as this cannot be assured. However all of our systems and techniques are designed to dramatically improve your potential for featuring in the Google 3 Pack and Ranking on page 1 of Google. 

We suggest any business saying it can guarantee positioning should be avoided or treated with caution.

Review Management

All of our plans provide you with a link that you can share with customers in order to generate more reviews on Google. Our Enterprise plan goes one step further by providing a Google review management service, where we will monitor and respond to user reviews and look to combat false or fake reviews.

Clean & Boost

Making sure your business information is correct everywhere on the internet is an essential key element of Google placement and that is why our monthly plans include a local citation pack as standard. We monitor and correct critical issues that could be harming your ranking from day 1.


We use tracking software and a geogrid plotter to visualise your 3-pack rankings directly on to a local map. This is a very accurate method of viewing your performance against your competition in a defined area and allows us to pinpoint where we need to work, so you get the best results. 

Competition Monitoring

We want our clients to have a competitive edge over other similar local businesses, so to that end we conduct an in-depth analysis of local competition, we monitor their performance and root out spam and fake listings that break Google guidelines, that might limit your potential to rank in Google.

Google Security

We use state of art security software that helps prevent malicious user edits, spammer edits, fake reviews and negative Google SEO. The last thing you need is a spammer changing your business details (category, hours, open/closed days etc.) which will impact on your ranking, we monitor and act fast to limit any damage. 

Google Optimisation

We optimise every element of your profile including embedding your latitude, longitude, keywords and more directly into images. We also offer a photo pack of images that we will shoot for your Google profile and offer interactive Virtual Tours as an extra paid for service that can be used to boost rankings in Google search.

Grab my free guide

So you want to find out more about Google My Business? You want to find out how to use it to dramatically grow your local business? Just download my FREE guide and make the dream a reality.

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