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If you have a local business that serves a specific geographic area, you could be missing out on potentially the greatest source of business that has ever been!

Google & Google My Business!

Google is where your customers go to find what they are looking for. Over 82% of consumers use Google to find information online, it’s where they head to find a local business, see what they do, find out when they are open, check out their reviews and to see how to get in touch with them.

If your business is not visible on Google, it’s like saying that you simply don’t exist! 

1 in 3 Google searches are for local businesses like “Plumber in Barnsley“, “Pizza in Wakefield“, “Nail Salon in Castleford” or “Italian Restaurant near me“, “DIY Shop close to me“, “Bars in Sheffield“, I hope you get the drift.

If you are not on Googles list, you will lose the potential  business and the closer to the top of Google you are the more business you will get.

If a local competitor is higher than you, they literally are taking customers that could be yours but only if you maximise the opportunities Google gives local businesses.

Did you know that 96% of all searchers will never look past Google’s first page.

Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals

Get on to the first page, help you get to one of the top 3 spots (The Google 3 Pack) and show you how to stay there.

9 Reasons You Need Google My Business

If the sheer volume of people using Google to find companies and products isn’t enough to convince you that you need to use Google My Business, then these 9 other major benefits the online directory can bring to your local businesses just might (see below).

#1. Your Business Will Be Easier To Find

A GMB profile doesn’t just tell customers that your business is somewhere nearby. It gives them the exact location along with a map (with directions if they wish) making it much easier for them to find you. In order for a business to make money, customers need to find you first.

If you are not on Google search results, potential customers will pass you by. In the past you may have worked on recommendation alone, but those days are gone.

Honestly who doesn’t look at their PC, Tablet or more importantly Mobile Phone to find what they want or need?

#2. Better Visibility In Google Search

If you’ve searched on Google, you will have seen the three local businesses (and more hidden below these) that appear below the paid adverts and above the organic search results. This is known as the Google 3-Pack and it is the golden location for a business to be featured.

You could get featured in the No.1,2,3 position here, if you have a optimised GMB page.

#3. Put Your Information At Users’ Fingertips

When customers see a business listed within the Google 3-Pack, they’ll see more than just a name. They can see business hours, directions, photos, contact info, posts, offers, events and reviews making being in the 3-Pack the best place to be.

#4. Interact With Customers

There’s a reason why social media is popular among business owners. It’s an great way to connect with customers. This can be achieved with Google too giving you another fresh new way to reach more people and drive business to your door.

#5. Reach More Local Customers

Get an even greater edge by posting offers, promotions, new products, events or facts about your business to customers searching on Google. This is an amazing opportunity to reach your local community and tell them about your business.

#6. Get Customer Insights

Learn about your customers through the Insights tab. Here you can check your visibility, engagement and audience and get a breakdown of followers including ages, genders and countries making it easier to review and tweek what actually works for you.

#7. Track Website Traffic & Audience

The Google analytic tool in will give you even more in-depth information and break it down so you can really fine tune your posts and content to the audiences that are following you.

#8. Get & Respond To Reviews

74% of people say that a positive review increases their trust in a local business. 56% of consumers say that they first go to the search engines to check out reviews before a purchase. You can build your reputation with your GMB profile.

#9. Everything In One Place

You don’t have the time to be going from site to site checking analytics, posts and stats. Luckily, you don’t have to because your GMB profile can tie in Google Adwords, Maps, Search and Insights, all in one place for speed and ease.

But Getting To The Top in Google Is Harder Than It Looks!


In order to rank your business on Google, and aim for one of the coverted top 3 local listings (The Google 3-Pack) there are many factors that you as a business need to take into account. The factors that the Google algorithm takes into account when deciding the order of the results is a closely kept Google secret and what’s more Google constantly revises the algorithm and changes its criteria, meaning a business needs to constantly revise the content it puts out on Google, in order to stay relevant.

Let us do the hard work of optimising your business listing using our knowledge of the many factors Google looks at to determine rankings for local businesses and combine this with our own Google strategies in order to give you a competitive edge over the algorithm and ultimately an edge over your competition in the race for the top spots in the Google 3-Pack.

Your GMB profile should always be a work in progress, a continuous cycle of alterations, tweaks and new strategies to counteract the changes that Google makes to the algorithm, so that only the most optimised and most relevant businesses are showcased at the top of the first page to local customers.

We can help give your business the boost in needs in order to reach the top and stay there. 

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