A great way to get ahead in your travel business is to free up your valuable time by automating activities on your website or on Facebook that could be handled swiftly, with a chatbot designed to qualify leads, drive sales, build lists, offer discounts or specials and answer customer service questions. 

Simple TRAVEL FRIENDLY Chatbot Design Service

Chatbots when used in a local travel agency can produce amazing results. Imagine having a chatbot available 24/7 that can be designed to qualify leads, drive sales, build lists, offer discounts and answer customer service questions, providing your customers with a overall better experience. 

How much time as a travel agency owner would that free up for you. Time that could be better spent handling pre-qualified holiday enquiries, time you could be spending with family or time that you could spend focusing on other activities to grow your business.

That is just a sample of what a chatbot could actually do for you. How much is that worth to your business?

At Smartview Marketing we build simple, custom chatbots  for travel agents like you and we maintain and develop those chatbots too, making sure you have a working asset for your business that will engage with your visitors, nurture potential customers and provide you with a fresh source of new business. 

Built for Travel Agents by a Travel Agent 

I know a thing or two about what TA's have been going through over the last few years.

I know how frustrating it can be trying to convert visitors into customers and to get the information, we need to do the job. 

I am a Homeworking TA based in the UK and before the demise of Thomas Cook, travel was my only line of income. Fast-forward to today and like many, I have had to diversify to survive.

Our custom coded travel and hospitality bots will help you cut through the noise and give you back time to develop your business.

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What is a chatbot

You Like The Sound Of it, But What Exactly is one 

Put simply, a chatbot is a piece of software that can be placed on your agency website, used on Facebook Messenger or on WhatsApp, that will be visible to visitors in a widget on their screen just like the App buttons on your smartphone, it could display after a set period of time, pop up before your potential customers leave your website to entice them to stay with an offer, there are so many uses for a Travel Agent, Homeworker or Tour Operator.

Head Turning Chatbot Statistics

Using a simple and interactive chatbot could be wildly profitable for your local business, check out a few of the statistics we have uncovered. 

Reduction In Costs

Chatbots can cut operational costs by up to 30%

(source: Chatbots Magazine)

Chatbots are used to:

64% of internet users say 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots (source: Drift)


Chatbots can answer 80% of standard questions (source: IBM


80% of enterprises will look to use a chatbot (source: Business Insider)


the value of chatbots

Stay Competitive in your Business

A great way to stay competitive in business is to free up your valuable time for work that will help grow your business. A way to do this is to outsource or automate as many of your standard tasks as possible. Just take a look around you will see automation everywhere. Self-service checkouts in supermarkets and stores, self-serve kiosks in fast food restaurants, auto attendants on telephones, the list does really go on and on. A chatbot could free up your time and gather information your business needs, without any effort on your part.

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USEs FOR a chatbot IN YOUR business

Qualify Leads

Ask the right questions to your potential customers and prospects to find out what they are looking for and work out what stage the visitor is at in your buying process and what information they need. 

Drive Sales

Increase your revenue through checkout conversions, opt-ins, signups, registrations, and more. With a chatbot your sales team is available 24/7 and can handle any volume of chat immediately.

List Building

Email list building is hard. Over recent years more and more companies have been looking to build an email list. Step up your game with an interactive chatbot built right into your sales or landing pages.

Discounts & Offers

Increase your conversions with a discount or incentive chatbots. Pop them onto product pages, set delays to entice people who don't buy quickly, grab attention with a time sensitive offer, or use a chatbot offer on a thank-you page or an exit bot to tempt customers not to leave your website.

Affiliate Marketing

Encourage visitors to engage with an interactive chatbot, pre-qualify visitors, offer giveaways, gain subscribers, direct customers down a specific path and then segment your visitors to the right affiliate link based on user requirements to boost your conversions. 

Provide Direction  24/7/365

As a local travel agent you cannot be available 24/7, but your automated chatbot can. Provide outstanding customer service using a directional chatbot, keeping customers engaged and qualifying their needs without lifting a finger, imagine the time saving if you could put systems on autopilot. 


adult man feeling shocked

One benefit of interacting with customers over Facebook Messenger is the fact that once a potential customer engages with your business, their information is added to your Messenger contact list.

This is a really cool way to be able to pro-actively engage with your local customers in a whole new way. It's like having a separate list outside of email that you can use to grow your business online.

Facebook Messenger has a far greater open rate when compared with email marketing, in fact the average open rate is over 80%, making this new contact list liquid gold.

What's Included In Our Chatbot Design Service

Our custom chatbots provides everything you need to stand out from the crowd


Our Chatbots are custom coded for your business needs, so we will spend time looking at what the desired aim of the chatbot is before we even begin the process of setting your chatbot up.


Chatbots are designed to look simple but the steps actually  involved in creating one, can be very time consuming. We handle everything, delivering you a finished chatbot that is good to go.


Our Chatbot Management covers chatbot revisions, new content, hosting, email, chat forwarding and maintenance, including offering you new features as they get rolled out on the platform. 

 chatbot solutions for you

woman reading news on a mobile and laptop

Website Chatbots

We have a whole page dedicated to the wide array of website bots that we have available, that can be deployed on single or multiple pages or have different bots on different pages. Too much to fit here, so follow the Blue 'Visit Website Chatbot' link below.

man holding smartphone with facebook screen showing

Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook is such a powerful too for all local businesses. Engage visitors on your Facebook business page with a custom crafted Facebook Messenger bot. Visit our page by clicking on the Blue 'Visit Facebook Chatbot'  button below this box.  

woman holding smartphone showing whatsapp screen

WhatsApp Bots

A lot of your customers may choose to use WhatsApp Messenger as their primary messaging service. So it only follows that you should automate WhatsApp too. Hit the Blue 'Visit WhatsApp Chatbot' button to visit our dedicated WhatsApp page.


It's built to collect customer travel information, to make your life a little easier  



We need a organise a call to learn more about your business and what the aim of your chatbot will be. We will then begin planning your chatbot to make sure we have everything covered from the outset and we will ask for any content you wish included, specific images, videos etc. So just book a discovery call by clicking any of the Blue 'Get Started Today' buttons on our website.


We generally advise 7 working days turnaround because we do not cut corners on our local business chatbot design. Once you are happy we will make your chatbot live and then each month (whilst you are under our chatbot management plan) we will make selective tweaks, modify content, test which elements work best to bring you the most customers and continue to help you develop your chatbot, including making new features available as they are rolled out.


We like to think of a chatbot as a winding river of water that your customer will navigates with our guidance. When we present customers with a choice, we are directing them into a new stream. The more choices we give a customer the more streams there are to navigate.  A simple chatbot might only have one or two streams, whereas a complex chatbot could have many streams. As one-size will not suit all businesses, we have therefore chosen to price our services based on how many streams (options) we present to your customer within the first section of your Chatbot. Our own chatbot for example has 7 streams as we offer our customers 6 main services + support, so our chatbot would take infinitely longer to develop and design than a car dealership that might offer 3 streams namely: new cars, used cars and car servicing. 

WHAT'S A Message block?

A Message Block, is a section of text that appears within a chatbot stream. A message block could consist of several sentences of text and images around a theme. For example a block titled Capture-Email would have content designed to get the user to input their email address, gather and validate the email and supply a GDPR link. Each stream within a chatbot is made up of several message blocks as determined by what content your business needs.


We consult with all businesses on the content of their chatbots. If your business is of a specialised nature we will ask you to provide content and you are more than welcome to supply any content you already have. In general however we will write content specifically for your chatbot to make sure it is optimised for conversion of visitor into customer and we will continue to adjust your content throughout the length of your time with us, as long as you are under an active chatbot support plan.


Yes. Chatbots are designed to look simple but they are complex beasts that need continual modification to provide the best results for local businesses. We have found the ideal solution to keep our pricing transparent is to therefore charge a monthly management fee on top of the cost of your chatbot. The monthly management fee covers support, minor modification to your chatbot content and monthly data/analytics. All of this is included for just £5.97 per month per active chatbot. Please Note: If you require more modification to your chatbot, such as weekly updates to special offers, then speak to us about an enhanced subscription, which would be based on time taken to action your request.

Are there any usage limits?

We have set a fair usage limit on all chatbots. Once your limit is reached you simply buy a further block of conversations for your chatbot. Each chatbot has 5000 conversations included. If you exceed the number of conversations in your plan, which is actually brilliant news for your local business as it indicates your chatbot is mega successful, then you simply need to upgrade your account by buying another block of conversations.  A conversation only counts when the end-user actually interacts with the Bot by entering some details or clicking a button etc. If they open the Bot and either close it, or leave the page without interacting with it, then it does not count towards a conversation. All interactions can be monitored in the monthly report we compile for your business. Conversation blocks can be purchased at a cost of £50 per 5000 conversations (price correct as of March 2021). 


Simply get in touch with us to discuss the changes you wish. We can make any minor changes for you and as long as you are under a current monthly chatbot management plan, these will be made free of charge. Extensive chatbot rebuild, redesign or frequent scheduled changes such as updating weekly offers on your chatbot, will result in an additional cost to cover time only, please contact us by by clicking here.

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