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how can we help you grow your local business online

If you are here, you are interested in figuring out how to grow your business online! We can help get your business found online and do all of the heavy lifting.

Who Are Smartview

Right now, you might be asking yourself 'who are Smartview Marketing', what are they all about? We are a boutique digital marketing agency based in Barnsley and we are all about helping small businesses grow their business online. We offer a select range of services, namely: Google My Business, Website Design, Virtual Tours, Reputation Management, Local SEO and Chatbot Design

Pre COVID-19, I would have never had the time to get my thoughts and the work I was doing under control but sometimes setbacks and challenges can provide the driving force for dramatic life and business change. 

My Story

Hi, I'm Sean, a 50 something, Yorkshire born and bred geek with a 30+ year background in sales and marketing including work as a television presenter, media consultant, travel agency owner, training and development manager, sales manager, recruiter, and support worker. There's a lot of knowledge in this middle-aged head, that I cannot wait to share with you.

This website isn’t about me though, it is all about you.

My personal life, past experiences and hard learned lessons would make for a fantastic book, but that is a story for a different time. What you need to know is how I can help you get your local business online and that the services I provide have been ‘battle tested’ in my own business and in the businesses of other local customers that I have worked with and supported over the last few years.

What started as a side hustle to my own business, a 5-star rated local travel agency prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, has bloomed during the last 3 lockdowns and now in 2021, it has become my principal focus and I am ready to help more businesses succeed in navigating the online world that we find ourselves competing for business within.

Like Gladiators in the Colosseum in Rome, as a business in 2021 you need to be well armed, be strong and be able to stand up to your competition if you want to live to fight another day and ultimately win your business survival and personal freedom.

This might sound incredibly melodramatic, but let’s face it, if you are trying to grow your local business, or even if your business is well established right now but you have not got around to being online yet, one thing is sure, sooner or later you will lose customers and money out of your pocket to a local competitor that has a stronger online presence.

Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow but one day soon, you will kick yourself and say “I wish I had acted sooner” in getting your business going and growing online.

Our world has changed and as a local business being online is necessary if you want to put food on your table and pennies in your pocket. 

Having freelanced for other businesses and having developed my own business, I understand the challenges and time constraints placed on us by our business. Before the pandemic, I would have never had the time to devote to developing a new business direction, but when the travel business dried up overnight in 2020, it gave me the ‘kick up the bum’ that I needed to take what I knew was a great business model and start to develop it. I have spent every second of my free time learning new skills and honing those that I had been developing all my adult working life. I learned about Digital Marketing the hard way in my previous businesses by undertaking literally thousands of hours of learning and trial and error testing to find out what worked.

The pandemic gave me the push to do even more with all the new free time I now had available. This included buying tons of expensive software licenses, buying, and reading loads of books, watching too many hours’ worth of online content, and undertaking loads of extra training. All this was costly but necessary, even the costly wrong steps I took served a purpose as they helped me define what was needed to grow a local business online in 2021.

I have done all of this, so you do not have to. You do not need to spend every free minute you have trying to figure out what will have a positive impact on your business growth. Each of the services I now present to you, complement each other perfectly and will help you provide a brighter future for your business and for your family.

Get Started Right Now

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Digital Marketing Services To Help You Grow Your Business Online

I don't offer a huge range of services, I prefer to focus on a select list of effective solutions that I know will actually help bring more local customers to your business door.

Google My Business 

Google is where customers go to find business local to them. Get your business profile set up on Google and take the first steps in getting your business listed in the Google 3-pack and on Google Maps.

Website Design 

To me a website is far more than just a good looking set of pages. A website should help drive traffic to your business and our fully managed conversion focused websites will do just that.

Virtual Tours

Go one step further with your business and showcase it to potential customers in a whole new, revolutionary way. Our interactive virtual tours are a sensational way of reaching new customers.

Reputation Management

Getting more reviews will win you more business! 95% of customers will read reviews on a business before buying or working with a business. If you haven't got a simple and robust review capture system in place, I can help.

Local SEO

Getting to the top of Google isn't as simple as just putting up a website and signing up for Google My Business. Let us improve website traffic, leads and brand awareness so you rank higher in local search.

Interactive Chatbot Design

It's impossible for you to be available for your customer 24/7 but with a custom chatbot you can automate reaching out to customers whenever they visit your website, without even breaking a sweat.


Trusted By Local Businesses

"Relaxed professional experience without jargon"

Sean has taken our website and social media to another level and our increased order book is evidence of this. Relaxed professional experience without jargon.

Mike Holliday

"a rare breed of decent businessman"

There is so many marketing companies out there but finding a honest reliable trustworthy one is very hard. Sean was fab giving me free advise on what I can do with google and broke it down for a dumbie like me. He really knows his stuff and I would highly recommend him for any work you need doing - hes a rare breed of decent businessman and people.

Rahul Sabbarwal

"You can write what he doesn't know on half a post it note."

 Sean is absolutely amazing you will not find better you can write what he doesn't know on half a post it note. He's just fantastic excellent customer service and will always find the best things to suit you personally. 10 out of 10 from me.

Laura Ashman

"He kept us up to date all through the process too"

Sean at Smartview has been really helpful with setting up our google & facebook accounts. He kept us up to date all through the process too. I would not hesitate to recommend Smartview to anyone.

Anne Swinglehurst

contact Me

Reach out to me, let's grab a coffee and chat.

32 Clifford Street, Cudworth, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S72 8BA

07805 081929


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