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Who Are Smartview Marketing 

We want you to 'jump into bed' with us and work with us but before you do, we feel it is important you get to know who we are

Who Are Smartview

Right now you might be asking yourself 'who are Smartview Marketing', what are they all about? We are a boutique digital marketing agency based in Barnsley and we are all about helping small businesses in Yorkshire grow online. We offer a select range of services include low cost website design, virtual tours and Google My Business setup and optimisation. Read more about our journey below and spend some time getting to know us.

Pre Covid, I would have never had the time to get my thoughts and the work I was doing under control but sometimes setbacks and challenges can provide the driving force for dramatic life and business change. 

My Story

Hi I'm Sean, a 50 something, Yorkshire born and bred geek with a 30+ year background in sales and marketing including work as a television presenter, media consultant, travel agency owner, training and development manager, sales manager, recruiter and support worker. There's a lot of knowledge in this middle aged head, that I cannot wait to share with you.

A few years ago, following a period of turmoil in my personal life, that seemed to last an eternity, I was sat as I frequently did, in my local village pub and I struck up a conversation with a very lovely barmaid, who went on to become one of my best friends and for a short period of time, my business partner and always my confident and sounding board for my ideas.  That initial chance meeting led me back into my love affair with travel and development of my own travel agency brands and ultimately it led to me meeting the love of my life, my wife Joy.

Having the love and support of an amazing wife and brilliant bunch of friends, I set up from scratch a well respected (5 star rated) travel agency and as money was very lean in the first few years, I freelanced for other businesses offering small business advice on online marketing, social media, Google My Business [GMB] optimisation and web development and I consumed every second of my free time learning new skills and honing those that I had been developing all of my adult working life. One of my first clients (and still a client today) suggested back in early 2019, that I should change my business direction and focus on where I could make a difference, by helping other small family businesses like theirs get online, master digital marketing and utilise Google My Business as a way to grow. Back in 2019, I thought one day perhaps .. one day I would do that .. one day when I stop learning and one day if time ever allowed!

Zoom forward 1 year and Covid-19 has decimated the travel industry and a lot of other businesses in the UK, and whilst my work dries up overnight on the travel front, my sideline hustle keeps on going, and keeps on growing!

I made the decision right there and then, that the best solution to my problem was to invest my time and money developing my knowledge of digital marketing even more. I had learnt about Google My Business the hard way by undertaking thousands of hours of learning, trial and error which included buying tons of custom training, purchasing the very best software and some that talked a good story but proved useless in helping businesses grow and heavily investing in wed design software, custom WordPress packages, SEO solutions and lots of digital gear. 

So long story told, that's how Smartview Marketing came about.

The Problem:

A lot of businesses have traditionally focused their attention on offline marketing strategies, developing their local business and they had not previously seen the need to have a strong digital presence. Businesses have relied upon word of mouth or footfall on the high street but Covid-19, the new Tier system in the UK, national and regional lockdowns have seen people's buying habits change and shopping online has become their primary safe option. Businesses need to switch their attention to be found where their customers are searching, if your business is not seen, it is like you simply do not exist but herein lies the problem of time to make the change & knowledge to get it done.

The Solution:

Let us remove the strain of having to learn new skills and free up your time to focus on your business. Being found on Google is a fantastic way of making sure you stay top of mind when your customers are looking for products and services. To do this you need a Google My Business profile and a engaging and conversion focused website. You could certainly attempt setting up a GMB profile yourself or building a simple website, if you have the time to sift thousands of blogs, watch literally hundreds of videos and pick up bits here and bits there and you have the money to invest in software and systems and then combine all the above (phew...) into a winning and useable strategy. Or you could take the easy option and reach out to me, and let's chat about how I can help with a low cost custom website, optimised Google My Business profile, social media business page set up and if you really want to WOW and engage customers a 3D interactive virtual tour.  

My approach

Discover how I can make a difference in your business

I need to make one thing clear, right from the outset. Google My Business is not suitable for every business and having a website that does not convert visitors to customers, is well, pretty much useless!

There are types of businesses that cannot make use of Google My Business, there are businesses who's website is perfectly fine it may just need a few tweaks. My services do not cost the earth and I offer a FREE Discovery Call where I can make sure my services are appropriate to your business needs and ensure that we are a good fit for working together.

If you know that Google My Business is right for your business, just hop over to my Google My Business page and if you are looking for web design, virtual tours or social media help , jump to my Services Page here or see below.

My Services

I don't offer a huge range of services, I prefer to focus on a select list of effective solutions that will help bring more local customers to your door.

Google My Business Setup

Google is where customers go to find business local to them. Get your business profile set up on Google and take the first steps in getting your business listed in the Google 3-pack and on Google Maps.

Google My Business Essential

Get a foot firmly on the Google My Business ladder with my monthly 'Essentials' plan and start to see the potential for business generated from being on the worlds biggest search engine.

Google My Business Premium

Climb up the Google My Business ladder with my most popular 'Premium' plan. Take your business to the next level with our pay-as-you-go optimisation service designed for rapid Google growth.

Google My Business Enterprise

Aim for the top of the Google My Business ladder with my 'Enterprise' pay-as-you-go plan, that has been designed to catapult you to the top of your local business listings.

Low Cost Website Design

To me a website is far more than just a good looking set of pages. It should help drive traffic to your business and our conversion focused websites do just that.

Virtual Tours

Go one step further with your business and showcase it to potential customers in a whole new, revolutionary way. Virtual tours are a sensational way of reaching new customers.

Facebook Page Setup

A fully optimised Facebook Business Page helps to grab the attention of old and new customers alike. My custom design service will set you on the road to success.

need some help?

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32 Clifford Street, Cudworth, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S72 8BA