Why Choose Smartview Marketing?

Running a small business is tough, and marketing can feel overwhelming.

That's where Smartview Marketing comes in! We're your friendly, Barnsley-based agency and digital landlords that specialise in creating and managing ready-to-go websites that already rank on Google's first page.

No need to wait months or years for results – our websites help you attract local customers right away.

Think of us as your shortcut to online success!

Targeted Results

Get More Than Just Visitors. Attract Perfect Customers.

Affordable Solutions

Marketing Made Easy. Powerful Results Without Breaking The Bank.

Good To Go

Skip the Wait & Start Growing. Ready-Made Website That Delivers Traffic Now!

Statistics You Should Pay Attention To

Figures Don't Lie Here's 4 Statistics You Should Not Ignore 


Over 90% of search traffic clicks go to first-page organic listings, with the top 5 results on page 1 alone receiving over 70% of clicks.


The first organic result has an average click-through rate of around 30%, with CTR dropping dramatically with lower positions (position 10 has a CTR of under 1%).


70-80% of searchers ignore paid ads, focusing on organic results instead. This high percentage demonstrates the power of organic search rankings in capturing the attention and trust of potential customers.


Leads from organic search have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound marketing leads (like cold calls or direct mail) have a 1.7% close rate

These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg and have been gathered from Marketing analytics reports, SEO agency case studies and Industry publications focused on digital marketing trends.

I can help you With

If your online presence isn't generating the results you need and you are tired of feeling invisible in a crowded online marketplace, I can help! Let Smartview transform your online strategy and drive real growth.

Page 1 Ranked Website

Smartview Marketing's Rank and Rent Model puts your business at the top of local search results, ensuring you're seen by the customers actively searching for your services. This prime online real estate drives massive traffic straight to your doorstep.

Conversion Optimised

Once those potential customers land on our website, we don't just leave them browsing. Our conversion optimisation expertise transforms our website into a lead generation machine, guiding visitors towards contacting you or making a purchase.

Reduce Advert Spend

Stop throwing money at fleeting ads! With our Rank and Rent Model, you'll have a website that consistently captures high-quality leads, all month, every month. This translates into a steady stream of potential customers ready to do business with you.

Why Am I Qualified To Help?

For decades, I've been navigating the ever-changing world of marketing – from owning a travel business to being a presenter on shopping TV and from developing and marketing products from scratch to designing winning websites, I've done it all. This experience gives me a superpower: we know how to silence the online chatter and get your business noticed by the right people.

Being a local digital agency means I understand the challenges faced by local businesses like yours. That's why I offer ready-made websites designed to help you shine in the online world. These websites aren't just pretty places – they're lead-generating machines!  In simple terms, I'm a digital landlord. I own a ever growing range of quality website names (domain names) and build local business websites, travel websites and custom rentable websites for businesses with no upfront costs. We make it an easy, no-brainer, and affordable way to grow your business online.

Ready to ditch the marketing jargon and start seeing results? Let's chat!

"At Smartview Marketing, we're all about helping local businesses grow! We don't just talk the marketing talk, we walk the walk (with happy clients to prove it!)."

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Tired of Waiting for Your Website to Work?

I understand. Building a website and getting it to rank on Google takes serious time, serious knowledge and serious money – resources most small businesses just don't have. That's why I offer a smarter solution.

Benefits of My Ready-Made, Top-Ranking Websites:

  • Beat the Competition: Appear on Google's first page where customers are searching for your services.
  • Save Time: Skip the website creation grind and get straight to attracting customers.
  • Affordable Growth: No need to pay out for website or SEO costsI do all of the heavy lifting, I take the risks, you just get the rewards. Choose from 3 simple models and get ahead of your competition today!
  • Attract Perfect Customers: Each website is optimised for specific local search terms relevant to your business and location.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

The Power of Page One

Achieving a top ranking on Google is crucial for your business's online success. Smartview Marketing's expertise in organic search positioning and conversion optimisation will propel your business to the forefront of search results.

Whether you choose to get free oven-ready leads or opt to rent one of our websites (no competition), your business benefits from the 'Power of Page One'.

Increased Visibility: Over 90% of all website traffic comes from the first page of Google, and the top few results dominate the clicks. By being found in this position your brand gets noticed.

Clicks Matter: The #1 organic search result has an average click-through rate of 30% – that drops dramatically for lower positions. Being at the top helps convert clicks into leads. We harvest these leads for you so that you are not buying random clicks from 'bots' and people not ready for your services, but you get a stream of leads from interested prospects, and these leads are provided for FREE.

Organic Results Build Trust: Users trust organic results more than paid ads; high rankings send signals of authority and credibility to potential customers. We offer an opportunity to customise our websites, so you get an instant boost to your business credibility.

An Investment in your Future: Unlike paid ads, organic search gains momentum over time, leading to sustained traffic and better ROI from your marketing efforts. Your decision today will impact your future growth potential. Turn on the Smartview Tap when you need it and turn it off when you don't, no commitments and no contract tie-in, just a simple solution that will help you grow your business online.

Ready to see how Smartview Marketing can elevate your website's ranking?

Success Stories: See the Smartview Difference

Anne swinglehurst

village hall coordinator

Helpful and professional

"Sean at Smartview was very helpful and professional. He kept us informed throughout the whole process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

Mike holliday

lab equipment md

such a wonderful company

"I feel grateful to have found such a wonderful company, and I highly recommend him.."

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