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You have found your way to the most important page on our website, Kudos.

Here you can delve in to the three models we offer to local businesses, each offering a unique approach to online marketing and finding an abundance of leads for your business.

We make no secret about the fact that this page does not appear in our navigation menu(s) and can only be found at the bottom of our content pages. The reason for this is simple.  If you have taken the time to read our content and are interested in our models for 'rank and rent' then we welcome you and look forward to speaking to you in the very near future.

Whatever your reason for being here, we all have one thing in common. One common goal.

To find more quality leads online and to turn those leads into paying customers.

Model #1. Free Leads

This is the model we recommend to new businesses when they start working with Smartview.

It allows us both the opportunity to judge how we work together and refine our systems so you get the most benefit from our solutions. After all you do not know us and conversely we don't really know you either.

It's the simplest of our 3 solutions. There are no upfront fee's, no commitments, no targets, no expectations, and the leads are delivered free to you.

This is our entry model because we use it when first growing a website, whilst we develop out the websites content (using insights and feedback from businesses like you) and whilst it climbs to the top of Google rankings.

As such during this 'birth phase' of our website, the leads are provided to a panel of local businesses (5-10 maximum) and are redirected via email or telephone to you.

We do not offer exclusivity on this model because it is about ensuring that every potential customer receives the best service, in order to grow our rankings and develop the website.

The Bottom Line: No matter how big a website is, or how small it may be, it costs money to build, host, develop and rank a digital asset. In return for free leads for your business, we ask for one consideration.

Website conversion rates vary greatly, we know this and we work on an assumed model to calculate ROI for each website we build and invest in. We simply ask, that you consider uplifting your prices (on a job by job basis) by an agreed percentage (discussed in our onboarding phase) and send that to us as a thanks for the lead or for travel agents, you consider an agreed split of commission paid post travel.

We cannot say fairer than that. You just reward us if you consider our services beneficial and when you get paid. 

We will produce a tracking sheet monthly indicating the number of customers sent your way and you simply tell us who you have taken on as a client. Plus you feedback to us any thoughts on developing the website and when you have been paid consider rewarding Smartview Marketing, for the work we have done and the work we continue to do.

It's a Win - Win scenario

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Model #2 Rank & Rent

You know the power of Model #1 to bring you in leads, it's working for you.

Model #2 takes this to a whole new level.


In return for a fixed monthly fee, we will offer you the opportunity to be exclusive on the website. No filling in tracking forms or sharing the leads that have been coming your way and in some cases losing out on to a competitor.

Total exclusivity which carries a number of huge additional benefits including:

  • Your own branding site wide
  • Your own links to social media, websites and more
  • Your direct contact numbers, email and links to your GBP (Google Business Profile)
  • Your own photo's in the gallery, blog articles, bio, about us, meet the team etc.
  • Links for your reviews to boost your own business
  • Full support, ongoing development of the website, direct calendar booking

You simply rent the website a month at a time, no commitments, no contract, no tie-in periods. Just the power of being exclusively found on page 1 of Google, all the leads, all the profit, no sharing!

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Model #3 - Custom Built Website

More Than Just a Pretty Website.

Our final model, is for those who want more than a generic lead generating website. They want the power of model #2 but having the website custom built for their niche.

We will do all of the hard work and heavy lifting and create a custom website specifically for you. We will spend time in your business getting to know your strengths and your worries and craft a bespoke website to rank you on page 1.

No upfront fee's (as always) just a simple monthly rental for your own custom website. We include a high converting funnel, create a lead magnet to help you get leads into your business, an email nurture sequence to take cold leads and warm them up and social media too.

Benefits for You:

Grow Your Customer Base: A local focused business website that's optimised and ranks well puts you in front of new customers actively looking for what you offer. Remember Over 90% of search starts on Google!

Build Your Reputation: Establish yourself as a trusted local business and outshine competitors who aren't as visible online.

Save Time & Focus: Let our optimised website do the lead generation work, freeing you up to focus on serving your customers. We take care of everything, from design and hosting, to updates and content. No contracts, no tie-in periods, it works just like model #2 but with a few more 'bells' and 'whistles', such as a unique domain name, guest blog, social media, funnel, lead magnet and more.

The Bottom Line: Think of our Rank & Rent Model #3 custom websites as your 24/7 local sales team, constantly attracting new leads and growing your business. All without any upfront costs, no hosting, no SEO, no marketing spend. Just turn on the tap to fresh leads for your business, a month at a time.

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